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I first noticed a difference in my parents relationship when my mom stopped resting her hand on my dad’s when my dad would be driving with the other. I guess I always thought that was unusual for a married couple, based on the movies I had seen. They sat up straight in the car looking at the road, never taking their eyes away until we would arrive at our destination. My mom would be the first to race out of the car- escaping the tense air trapped in our Honda Civic.

My dad stopped putting his arm around the back of my moms chair at restaurants, and just stared at his phone which would glow and reflect off of his nose. My mom would sleep in my bed with me, telling me she would miss me at college, when I was only 9 years old.

That’s when my dad would go away on weekends, coming back only to see me. Eventually his visits stopped- and that’s when the phone calls started. My mom sleeps with me and tells me she’s going to miss me at college, and I’m 18, still waiting to receive a phone call from my Dad.