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Funny to come across this after you telling me that you have nothing left to explore on my body - you’ve done it all, and because of it I no longer entice you the way I did - that you don’t want to or need to try like you used to. 
If you “know” me so well, then why am I so lonely? Why do I feel so empty after your current version of “lovemaking”? And how is it when you assume you know my thoughts, you usually can’t be further from the truth? Why is it that the things you think are my biggest turn on’s, aren’t even close? Why did I cry when you described the way you lost your virginity?  
You truly have no idea how much I miss the man I fell in love with. You see, I know where the girl you are looking for is. I did find her. She’s hiding away, waiting for her love. The man that doesn’t break her heart, but will guard it, protect it, cherish it. She is far too fragile for who you are now. She will shatter without question. She sits and dreams of the way you once really did make love to her, praying that she will get the chance to again someday. 

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